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Welcome To DPMS

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Welcome to Draper Park Middle School!

Important notification that will eliminate frustrations:

  • South drop off zone
    • No drop off in stripped areas.
    • Pull forward to the furthest open stall indicated by the yellow lines.
  • West drop off zone
    • Pull forward to the furthest north end of the school.
    • No through way to south of school, right turn only.
  • Schedules for back to school night and the starting of school
    • Bring your schedules to back to school night. Those who have not paid fees will need to pay fees or sign up for fee waivers before a schedule will be given.
    • If you forget your schedule you will need to stand in line to receive one.
  • Schedule Changes
    • We will not be accommodating most requests for a schedule change. You may fill out a form and we will review the request at a later date.
    • The school is shuffling students within teams. This only changes the order of the day for students the schedule in most cases. We are doing this to create smaller class sizes.
    • Students who are not scheduled should report to the counseling office to acquire a complete schedule.
  • Dress Code
    • Please make sure you review dress code. We do not want any student frustrated or have hurt feelings because of what they wear.
  • Lockers
    • Most students were assigned locker. Student without lockers and students who are too short for top lockers see Cindy our Hall Monitor for a locker request/change form.  The request will be completed and the students contacted.

DPMS in partnership with parents and students will have a great year!

Mr. Leavitt

Attendance Office 801-826-6910
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Enrollment 801-826-6994
Counseling Center 801-826-6920
Administrative Secretary 801-826-6900
Web Page http://draperparkmiddle.canyonsdistrict.org

Parking Lot Information and Parent/Student Expectations

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West Drop Off/Front of School

  • Pull Forward to the end of the building
  • Right turn only when at the 1st stop sign
  • Wait your turn - Do not drop off at the islands leading up to the pull through lane

South Drop Off

  • No Drop off in yellow painted zone.  Students should remain in cars until you have room to pull forward
  • Pull forward to the last open slot heading west.  Park to drop off between the yellow lines.